the vineyard

The vineyard, which sits on unspoilt land at an altitude of 600m a.s.l. (with the red grape varieties facing south-west and the white grape varieties facing north), is the result of a rigorous massal selection. No chemical fertilisers are used, and the soil (with a sand matrix and rich in clay, calcareous and sandstone marl mainly composed of quartz granules) is nourished using mixed flower green manure and biodynamic preparations. Weed control and most of the work in the vineyard is carried out by hand. The wine is fermented without the use of additives, in our own small wine cellar, where it is then bottled without filtering. No additional treatments are used to alter the natural composition of the three wines.

Visits and wine tastings

The visits in our vineyard/cellar are free only for the guests of our B&B. For external visitors, we charge € 15.00 per person (minimum 2 people), which we will totally deduct from any purchase of our bottles. For more articulated tastings, please refer to the tariffs section or send us an e-mail.

Red: Sangiovese, Grechetto Rosso and Ciliegiolo

White: Procanico and other autochthonous varieties

White: Moscato