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Il Podere

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Podere Orto and the surrounding lands, which once belonged to the Castle of Trevinano, used to host a cattle breeding station for the local agricultural community. The farm, which dates from the 18th century, immediately reveals itself to be a special place, situated in the far north of the unspoilt Alta Tuscia area, at the crossroads where Lazio meets the green of Umbria and the charm of Tuscany.


Our story begins on the seashore, way back in 1987, with a stolen kiss. After a decade together, in 1997 we finally realised it was time to join our paths.

In 1999, we found our first project together in Rome, an online company specialising in quality translation and linguistics services ( that was soon able to claim some of the leading Italian and international companies among its clients.

These were years dedicated almost entirely to developing the business and establishing ourselves in a highly technological, computerised market. Meanwhile, some difficult soul-searching led us in 2007 to try to unite our passion and our work by buying these rural buildings and the cultivated land around them in an enchanted place of great unrealised potential.

In March 2009, we planted our first vines and in December that same year, on the day of the winter solstice, we welcomed Maia, a baby girl with hair as black as night and eyes as green as the woods.

Restoring the old farm buildings began early in 2011: personally taking care of the agricultural operation and supervising the meticulous restoration work, after a period of intense and exhausting work we can finally say that we have created the foundation for this wonderful new journey of ours.

Above all, the Podere Orto is a lifestyle choice, the ideal place to bring up our daughter. But it is also a guesthouse open to friends and patrons. No one will ever be refused a glass of wine.


Where northern Lazio interposes itself between Umbria and Tuscany, resulting in an oasis of peace and rare beauty, there is a small medieval village.

As the crow flies, the border with the neighbouring regions is just a few hundred meters: Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany create a triangle of age-old charm.

For a long time the history of Trevinano was inextricably linked to the aristocracy of Orvieto that owned it for centuries. After nearly 300 years ruling over the territory, in 1327 the Visconti of Campiglia were succeeded by the Monaldeschi della Cervara, who remained until 1592, when their lands were seized because Pope Clement VIII accused them of having harboured rebels and bandits. Trevinano and its lands were divided between the Apostolic Camera, Cardinal Simoncelli, bishop of Orvieto, and the heirs of the Monaldeschi della Cervara family. In 1687, the Apostolic Camera united the whole territory, giving it in fief to the Marquis Bourbon del Monte. In 1910 the last direct descendant of the Bourbon del Monte family married Prince Paolo Boncompagni Ludovisi, and the family still owns Trevinano Castle and some neighbouring estates.

Thanks to its geographical location and the fact that much of the land surrounding the village is protected, Trevinano has remained untouched to this day. The lovely town was built on a hill called the “Balza” and nestles around the castle.

The surrounding area is of great natural interest. Adjacent is the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno, about 3000 acres of oak and Mediterranean macchia, where you may encounter wild boar, deer, porcupines, foxes and many other protected species.

Trevinano is found in the province of Viterbo, near the town of Acquapendente, once an important staging post on the pilgrim route along the Via Francigena, at a time when the Via Cassia was the main link between Rome and the rest of the known world.

How to
find us

Although located in unspoilt countryside the Podere Orto is easy to reach either by car or by train.

Geographical Coordinates:  42.8236197,11.8794582


From the south – about 30 km from the exit of the A1

Take the A1 and exit at Orvieto, turn right for Acquapendente (but don’t go to Acquapendente, which is far from us), follow the signs for Allerona: after Allerona Scalo, follow Allerona (town), and continue for 10 km through the woods, then turn left for Trevinano. Podere Orto is located after 3 km, 1 km before the village, to the right of the first stop signal.

From the north – about 30 km from the exit of the A1

Take the A1 and exit at Chiusi/Chianciano: at the exit, turn left towards Sarteano, then follow signs to San Casciano dei Bagni, then Trevinano. Podere Orto is located 1 km before the village, to the left.

From the Via Cassia (SS 2)

At km 136.8 follow the turning for Trevinano – San Casciano dei Bagni. Podere Orto is located 1 km after the village of Trevinano.


From the south

Orvieto station (a major station and important junction with car hire available)

From the north

Chiusi-Chianciano Station (a major station and important junction with car hire available)


Closest airports: Perugia (1 hour), Rome (2 hours), Florence (2 hours).



Spontaneous Wines and Hospitality
in Trevinano

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Phone  +39 0763 476091 (visits available on reservation only)  

Mobile +39 335 8335950
(Simona, House Boss)

Mobile +39 333 1652286
(Giuliano, Wine Boss)

Address: Strada Provinciale 51, 01021 Trevinano
(Coordinates: 42.8236197,11.8794582)